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Frank Atkinson was thwarted from pursuing a scientific career through the onset of total sight loss and it was only following early retirement from an alternative successful career that he was able to develop his interest in theoretical physics.

Since then, rather than concentrating on one area of physics, he decided to re-examine the theories of Einstein as there was so much researched evidence demonstrating those theories were flawed, yet they were still the cornerstone of our current understanding of the universe.

Not being an established career physicist Atkinson has had the major advantage  of having neither career funding nor reputation to protect and so has developed his Tempo field theory without distraction. The key disadvantage, however, is that the usual route of peer review did not lend itself to his situation nor to his broad qualitative approach to the subject. In addition, any prior claims to a similar discovery have not been brought to his attention or have not emerged through his research of published work.

Like Einstein before him, Atkinson has not let any disadvantages become discouragement and has gone ahead and published his work, comfortable in the knowledge that any required acknowledgement can be included in subsequent editions. While his theory and explorations are unique Atkinson has used the style of presentation used by the great man so readers of both works will be delighted at the fresh explanations presented in TIME – THE HIDDEN DIMENSIONS OF THE MISSING PHYSICS.