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An exciting and Exclusive new selection of articles illustrating the Tempo Field Theory. They are the latest and most progressive ideas in the development of cosmological theory. Here we are reaching out for the ultimate truths of the Universe. The reader might find it beneficial to read the first four Papers sequentially.

(1) Time. Click here to read why the structure and function of time has to be reassessed. A new concept of time is developed, with a structure that gives a field of varying strength, with consequential effects on energy and the speed of light.

(2) Quantum Gravity. Click here to read how time, in the form of the Tempo Field, is the agent for gravity at both the large and quantum levels. This provides a long awaited explanation of quantum gravity that is elegant and harmonious.

(3) E=mc². Click here to learn how time dilation allows mass to remain a constant and the speed of light to be variable, relative to the observer's time. Try the proofs out for yourself, and understand why the equation E=mc² requires amending to E=mV². Also why the search for the Higgs Boson is a forlorn quest.

(4) Thermodynamics and Entropy. Click here to read how time dilation explains why heat always moves from a hot to a cold body. Also the importance of time differentials for: a) the Kelvin temperature scale; b) the explanations for entropy; and c) inertia. But perhaps more importantly, understand why the universe will not after all, suffer an entropic death!

(5) Black Holes. Click here for an explanation as to why the action of a time differential prevents black holes from being formed in the manner attributed to them, and why gravity, regardless of its strength, cannot capture light. In addition the point is discussed, that the time differential between Earth and a binary pair of stars of which the the light from only one can be seen, will have its light so effected as to create a false impression of the mass of its unseen companion.

(6) Big Bang. Click here for a fresh, innovative treatment of history leading to the current cosmological model which yields a more logical and coherent explanation for our observations. New ideas are put forward concerning the light from distant galaxies and the cosmological microwave background radiation.

(7) Dark Matter. Click here for an alternative explanation for the apparent excessive orbital speed of peripheral galaxies in their clusters. There is more than one contributory factor accounting for this phenomenon, none of which call for a notional dark matter.

(8) The Speed of Gravity. Click here for a resolution of the long lasting debate between Newtonian and Einsteinian schools of thought as to whether the speed of gravity is instantaneous or travels at the speed of light. The fact that the universe cannot be as we see it, if gravity travels at a finite speed, is examined. Only after this has been established do we go on to prove, by use of the principle of equivalence, that it is instantaneous.

(9) The Variability of the Measurement of Distance, Rejected. Click here for a dozen examples where, to obtain correct results, the principle in special relativity, that the measurement of distance varies for moving objects, is either intentionally or accidentally, ignored.

(10) The Principle of Equivalence. Click here to learn how the Tempo Field Theory complies perfectly with the Principal of Equivalence as originally envisaged in contradistinction to the limitations and defects experienced by general relativity.

(11) Fly-by Anomalies. Click here for open letter to all flight engineers, with prediction and explanation regarding fly-by anomalies.

(12) Instantaneous Gravity. Click here for open letter to gravity theorists, with prediction and experiment to demonstrate instantaneous gravity.

(13) The Emission of Radio Waves from Galactic Nuclei. Click here for open letter to all cosmologists, containing prediction of the emission of radio waves from active galactic nuclei.

(14) The Nonexistent Higgs Boson. Click here for open letter to all scientists at CERN with prediction that the LHC will find the so called Higgs Boson to be a nonexistent by-product of flawed general relativity.