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Instantaneous Gravity

To all gravity wave theorists.

You may already be aware from Papers entitled 'Quantum Gravity' and 'The Speed of Gravity', and Book ' Time - The Hidden Dimensions Of The Missing Physics', that the Tempo field theory models time as being able to form a field and to be the agent of gravity. A consequence of the immediacy of time in that model, is that the gravitational effect is transmitted instantaneously, which in turn precludes the possibility of it being transmitted by gravity waves travelling at a finite speed. It does however, predict a new phenomenon, a flutter or vibration developed within the time field itself. This vibration in time will be detectable because as time is the agent for gravity, there will be a consequential vibration in the gravitational effect felt by us.

An experiment is called for to demonstrate these Tempo field predictions of instantaneous gravity and vibrating time field. I therefore write this open letter in the hope that you, or your colleagues, will be able to make use of the following suggested experiment.

The background physics that the experiment turns on holds that the Tempo field is a time continuum throughout the universe, and emanates from matter directly:- it is not merely warped by the presence of matter, (see Papers entitled 'Time' and 'Quantum Gravity'). At any point the strength of the Tempo field continuum will, by the distant movement of matter, be caused to vary instantaneously These movements were formerly considered gravitational events, but are now explained as variations in the time field of the matter, (see previous Papers). It is this Tempo field, formed with immediate effect, that is the agent of gravity.

Given only that the universe is uniform on the large scale, then each and every point in the Tempo field, will receive from the movement of matter in the universe surrounding it, the immediate effect of various amounts of time. This will cause, at all points, a continual fluctuation or vibration, in the strength of the Tempo field. The frequency of this vibration will therefore, be approximately the same at all points in the Tempo field.

The vibration in the Tempo field having a gravitational effect, will be felt by a sufficiently sensitive detector. Laser interferometers presently being used to try to detect theoretical gravity waves, might well be sufficiently sensitive to detect the vibration, provided background disturbances caused by such factors as, changes in temperature, geological and seismic rumblings or traffic vibrations, can be separated out when the interferometer is in use.

I submit that this vibration of the time field with its gravitational effect, causing a measurable result on the laser beam and beam splitter, is the end product, and there are no gravity waves to find. Instead of looking for the stretching and squeezing effect expected from a hypothetical gravity wave, the constant background vibration of time should be sought after.

An important feature of the phenomenon is that occasionally, such usually regular frequency will be increased by the time dilation, caused by major events that occur nearby. If I am right, then the first clue is likely to be that the data collected on your laser interferometers, relating to the changes in the frequency of the vibration, should show a swing in harmony with the Moon's tidal effects. The closer the Moon, the more dilated becomes the time on Earth, which increases the frequency of the more remotely caused time vibrations.

In the event of successfully establishing an increase in the frequency of the interference, in harmony with the Moon's effect on the tides, we would then be able to assert that special and general relativity are fundamentally flawed. Regardless of the cause of the vibration, special and general relativity would require its frequency to remain the same, that is to say, to slow down symmetrically with its dilating time. In the Tempo field theory, the fact that frequency increases in dilated time, explains the full amount of the bending of light by gravity. This is in contradistinction to general relativity where the explanation for gravitational redshift accounts for only half the bending of light. The telltale increase in frequency also confirms the explanation for quantum gravity, and substantiates that the speed of light increases in proportion to the increase in time dilation of the observer, (see previous Papers). To determine the immediacy of the transmission of gravity, a more precise experiment is required and the following is suggested.

The two aspects already mentioned, that is to say, the constant background vibration of the Tempo field and the large scale time dilation effect of the Moon, are features we can measure and make use of, [They can be measured in hertz by a small but sensitive instrument such as an atom interferometer, that uses a beam of super cooled atoms]. Given that the vibration is constant relative to any point in the time field, then the value given to that constant in hertz, will depend on the time dilation of the observer doing the measuring. Our aim therefore, is to monitor the increase in frequency of the background vibration during the period of localized time dilation on Earth, caused by the Moon. All that is needed to enable this increase in frequency to be accurately assessed is a predetermined set of circumstances. A solar eclipse would satisfy such requirement. When the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in line their gravitational effect, caused by their time dilation, will be at maximum. One or more suitably positioned atom interferometers, in the track of the eclipse, should measure a gradual peak in the frequency of the vibration of the Tempo field. Because this effect is instantaneous, it will be measured ahead of the arrival of the centre of the Moon's shadow, which will be projected at the speed of light. The centre of the Moon's shadow will lag behind the peak of the gravitational effect, by approximately 1.3 seconds, the time it takes for light to travel the distance from the Moon to the Earth.

If the predicted result for the experiment is correct, it will prove that gravity is infinitely fast, contrary to general relativity. It will also show that because the frequency of the revealed vibration increases with the increase in the dilation of time, the speed of light must similarly be a variable, because the frequency of the light, will likewise increase relative to the time dilation of the observer, (see Part 4 of Paper entitled 'E=mc2'). A further useful indicator that can be derived from a successful result, is that the Tempo field explanation for cosmic redshift seems appropriate. It appears to be on the right lines, because it acts in total conformity with light being red shifted relative to the distance it has travelled through space, (see Part 6 of Paper entitled 'Big Bang'). This can be explained by the fact that the universe is uniform on the large scale, and to time being infinitely fast. Consequently, all points in space must experience approximately the same degree of vibrational interference in the Tempo field, which will affect the light by red shifting it. This redshift will be cumulative relative to the distance the light has travelled. It will therefore, be in conformity with the redshift consequent on Shapiro's time delay of light, and Hubble's coefficient of proportionality. Because this vibrating gravitational redshift is so uniform, the energy lost to it in the form of whole quanta, now called photons, will also be uniform in its distribution. This uniformity of photon distribution, is in direct accord with observations of the microwave background radiation, (see Paper entitled 'Big Bang').

I suggest that the best location for the required observations is in the middle of a land mass. This would obviate the necessity of making adjustments to counter the effect of oceanic tidal surge, which because of its mass and inertia, would increase the time dilation locally after the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment has passed. A suitable Solar eclipse will occur over India and China on the 7th of July 2009. A second will occur the next year on the 11th of July but this will be over the Pacific Islands.