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Part IV

The Function of Time.

The primary purpose of time mentioned above, was shown to be a relationship that parallels energy, not only allowing energy to function but ensuring that it does so at the correct pace. So while time's function is to allow energy, in turn, to function, the story does not end there. Time's flexibility gives rise to numerous phenomena that present themselves throughout the physics of our universe. General relativity is too circumscribed. It does not allow for the full effect of time variation on quantum energy, nor does it give an explanation for the physical mechanism by which time is varied. As a result what limited picture we previously had was misleading in many ways.

The fact that the new model is so interlocking and broad based, is of itself indicative of its strength as a theory. The picture we now have is so different and on so large a canvas, that it is appropriate to pause first to show it in outline before dealing with the principle parts. In outline the model provides us with explanations for quantum gravity, the speed of the propagation of light, cosmic energy/power, the variation in quantum energy avoiding the creation of degenerate matter and the particle/wave duality.

Quantum Gravity.

How does the quantum gravitational effect work? We must remember that in quantum physics matter particles may be regarded as a quantum wave. It is the case in the Tempo field theory, that no two adjacent points in the Tempo field have the same time dilation, unless it be across a Lagrangian point, where the gravitational effect cancels out. It is therefore the case that light or matter in the form of a quantum energy wave that is situate in the Tempo field, must have one side of it in slightly more dilated time than the other. Accordingly the quantum wave that is oscillating at a constant rate in its own time dimension will have, in the alternative Tempo field dimension, a higher frequency on the side that is in more dilated time. This means that relative to the Tempo field, the quantum wave will be more energetic on that side. It will therefore propagate itself with more energy in that direction. The resulting propensity to move in the direction of maximum time dilation is what we call gravity.

The movement of the quantum energy wave will always take place towards the local point of maximum time dilation in the Tempo field. This is what in the past we have called the centre of gravity. The effect explains the pulling in of the sides of an object and accounts for observed tidal forces.

I predict that the measurement of such tidal forces will confirm this theory. This could be done, for example, when there is a total solar eclipse. When the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in line, the maximum tidal effect will be felt instantaneously. It is unlikely that gravimeters will have developed sufficiently to give a fast enough readout, but it is probable that for a given wavelength of light the change in frequency could be measured as the time on Earth slightly dilates. This would give an instantaneous result. This maximum gravitational effect will be felt approximately 1.3 seconds ahead of the visible totality of the eclipse, by virtue of the time it takes for the light to travel from the Moon to the Earth. This will show that the gravitational effect is instantaneous, being caused by time, and does not travel at the speed of light, as is advanced in general relativity. There will be a convenient total Solar Eclipse in Siberia on 1st. August 2008.

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